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One Voice Bully Program

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Students sitting in gym

One Voice Bully Program

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Students sitting in gym

One Voice Bully Program

6th graders sitting at lunch tables
Students standing in stall

News & Announcements

McDowell County Schools Learning and Technology Support

McDowell County Schools Learning & Technology Support

As students and families deal with school closures as a result of the Coronavirus, McDowell County Schools has put together the following resources for learning and technology support. Please share this information with others.

MCS Learning Support:
McDowell County Schools will be offering instruction this week using multiple modes: paper and pencil packets, book reading, projects, online instruction via Google Classroom and Canvas, and in real-time via Facebook at the page entitled "McDowell Schools Live Instruction." No work sent home this week will be graded, but families are asked to have their children complete it to support long-term learning.

For younger children, families are encouraged to read aloud, practice handwriting, incorporate counting and geometry into daily living skills, and take advantage of the District's app for families with kids birth to nine years old, "Ready Rosie." McDowell Live Instruction on Facebook will have activities for young students daily in the morning and will have support for parents most evenings. Don't forget to take the kids out to play in the fresh air and sunshine.

For students in upper elementary, parents could expect their children to read daily, complete materials in the packets sent home by teachers, and utilize their teacher's Google Classroom site and the Facebook Live Instruction page for support. Most elementary instructional activities on Facebook will take place in late morning to early afternoon. Outdoor exploration is a must to develop observational skills for science. Also, remember that healthy kids need movement daily to practice gross motor skills.

Middle school families are likely aware already of their schools' Google Classroom sites and could check these for support and resources. The District's Facebook Live site will have instructional activities daily in the early to mid-afternoon that is appropriate for middle schoolers. Each teacher has prepared some materials that students can work on even if they do not have internet access.

At the high school level, all students have access to chrome books. Google Classroom and Canvas are the district's learning platforms for online instruction. However, realizing that for many, internet access outside of school is difficult, the high school teachers have also prepared paper and pencil versions of work. High school students can work more independently, but parents should realize that time management is often a weakness for kids this age, so a daily check in to ensure completion is key to success.

Each evening the McDowell County Schools tech team will be on the Facebook site answering questions live. Additionally, the English as a Second Language team will be on live at 7:00 pm in Spanish to answer questions and support those for whom Espanol is their native language.

Two new email addresses have been set up to support families. While the first point of contact should be the student's actual teacher or principal, if they are unavailable, several people will be monitoring these two addresses: techhelp@mcdowell.k12.nc.us and academicsupport@mcdowell.k12.nc.us

MCS Community Technology Support:
MCS Technology is setting up WiFi hotspots around the county for those who do not have access at home. We are starting with the parking areas at our schools. We currently have coverage at McDowell High School (Lower student parking area), Pleasant Gardens Elementary, Nebo Elementary, Glenwood Elementary, and North Cove Elementary. We will continue to expand that coverage over the next few days. In addition to MCS Wifi, downtown Marion has open WiFi and Spectrum has opened many hotspots around the county for public use. You can visit spectrum.com/wifi-hotspots.html to view the available Spectrum hotspots in the area.

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