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West McDowell Middle School will no longer be utilizing the "Elective Wheel". The wheel was a random rotation of electives that were assigned to students. You now have the option to choose your electives. Students will be asked to choose their top three choices. West McDowell Middle School registration is on July 11th at 8:30 or 3:00. Students can sign up for their electives on the elective form sent to students via email at West or the link posted on the WMMS webpage.
-Electives will last 1 semester. (Choose your top 3 per semester)
-Every student will still have a PE/Health/Fitness/Wellness rotation each 9 weeks (Yearlong)
-Band students will sign up for Band (Fall), Band (Spring) & Health/P.E. Band students do not need to choose three additional electives
If you have additional questions, please contact West McDowell Middle school at 828-652-3390.
Click on this link to choose elective classes: https://goo.gl/8mJQ3q